Good Sleep

For health, happiness and performance

For better leadership, team engagement
and EQ.

For aiding concentration and motivation.

For Consolidation of new information and memories.

Enhances creativity and problem-solving skills.

Poor Sleep

Affects physical growth, brain development, immune system

Leads to
weight gain

Leads to depression and anxiety, negative body image and low self-esteem

Poor inter personal relationships

Increases risk of accidents.

Adversely affects Decision Making capacity

How It Works

Sleep Moksha's intervention approach is built around helping poor sleepers understand their relationship with sleep and how to make the appropriate behavioral, cognitive and environmental changes.
Analyze Workforce’s Stressors

Analyze workforce’s stressors and sleep needs & identify target groups.

Create Sleep Promoting Strategies

Create sleep promoting strategies; Implement a harm reduction model of sleep deprivation.

Design And Develop Programs

Design and develop programs that drive corporate wellbeing & performance by delivering individual-specific tools to increase sleep quality and boost daytime mental & emotional resilience.

Support By Creating Guidelines

Support by creating guidelines and preventive measures for sleep deprivation, stress and burnout specific to your company's needs

Our coaching programs target the key elements critical to restoring the body, mind and soul back to natural sleep. It is delivered to individuals and organizations in a way that is easy to understand and implement.
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Sleep Solutions

Take a Sleep Leap with our SLEAP Smart Programs.

A highly effective approach, developed with over 10 years of experience helping users recover naturally. SLEAP is designed to promote and improve sleep health and work productivity. It is available as an online and on-demand program. Services range from companywide workshops to one on one on Sleep Coaching

Building Resilience, Wellbeing And Performance.

This program allows everyone to learn how to develop and maintain a healthy, balanced emotional life by preventing the onset of symptoms of depression, anxiety while also reducing the risk for burnout.

Sleeponomics- Sleep For Performance .

Sleeponomics is specially designed for enabling performance. In this program , we recognise sleep as a performance enhancing activity to strengthen cognitive abilities , better mood and work life balance. Such employees will be more effective , collaborate more effectively with peers and will be poised to deliver, upto 100 percent of their efficiency and ability.

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The Sleep Moksha helps anyone, who struggles to get to sleep, maintain sleep, wakes up too early or simply does not sleep at all.

We help anyone who can't stop their mind racing at night, those who suffer from sleep anxiety or anyone who has become reliant on pills and props to sleep.We attract a wide mix of people from all backgrounds, ages, ethnicity including busy professionals, shift workers, menopausal , pregnant , post partum women, first time parents, adolescents as well as anyone with a sleep disturbing medical condition such as chronic pain, chronic fatigue, burnout, depression and anxiety. Whether you have had your insomnia for 4 weeks or 40 years we can help.

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